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Your Suspension Shop (Y.S.S.) is located in Adelaide, South Australia, and was established by Walter Preisig in 1989 to service the Australian bike market with a new generation of shock absorbers that are affordable and continuously under development by Walter in partnership with Hyperpro and Promax Racing.Walter has been developing racing suspension for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in suspension technics, motorcycle engeneering and set-up service. Walter has also put his own product to test and won multiple Australian Champion Ships in several classes. Walter Preisig set a new benchmark in 2008 when revealing the new 362 series. The 362 shock is not only very durable it also works very well with the 12.5mm case hardened shaft.

YSS Australia helped many teams winning championships in road and off-road racing. We are not only professional in producing 362 series shocks, we also prove constantly, that our racing shocks are performing tops, with great achievements worldwide. For Twin shock applications, the 362 series  is the best choice for racing champions. Your Suspension Shop has a product range to please any customer, ranging from the high end market to the middle market.

For Mono shocks we use and recommend the proven Hyperpro range . Made and produced in Holland , Hyperpro guarantees customised builds , top of the range tested quality and backed up with the worlds best spring technology. Hyperpro is best known for their superior Steering damper range and mounting kits . We stock the full range of kits and assecories.


  • Our top line high-low speed Hyperpro  shock absorbers are the highest quality shocks for customers who need fully adjustable suspension with Hi-Low speed compression and rebound adjusters for racing.
  • YSS Australia is also producing in Adelaide a wide range of twin shocks to suit the Australian market, namely the RD 222 and the  362 series at very affordable prices .
  • YOUR SUSPENSION SHOP in Adelaide is well known to get the best out of your motorcycle ,be it for track , touring or prototypes
  • Yes Many riders ask us if an YSS  Shock upgrade is worth it. The answer is YES. If you want to feel the road through a velvet glove and have your bike inspire confidence you didn’t know you had, then ...