Custom made orders

Due to the complexity of our pruducts we can only list model speficic products and can only display thecostly paypal pricing option  on this website without showing any possible variations such as colours, different applications ,or rider weights, racing applications , restaurations, prototypes  etc.

This is the reason , why we have created the "Custom made " check out option.

This will start with a basic product , paid  and piced up ,direct from our premises.

From that base price you can choose additional option(s) and the relevant cost will be added , but only if YOU choose .

The following boxes can be ticked (depending induvidually on each category) :

* Spring Colours

* Induvidual Body weights or Luggage

* Height adjustments ( lowering or rising your bike from standard )

* Ride height Adjusters ( to adjust the length of the shock your self)

*  Mounting options (bearings ,versus the much cheaper  rubber mounts )

* Hydraulic Preload Adjusters ( to adjust the spring tension quickly and remotely , without needing tools

* Payment  Options ( cash , direct deposit, Post COD , Mastercard , Visa Card ,Paypal  or Bitcoin

* Delivery Options  (Normal Post , Express Post , Post COD , Registered , Insured ,tracking and other Courier options )

This will enable you to create your own suspension  to your budget and needs . Another saving is Postage and Transport, because your package can be weighed and calculated, according to your actual size  order and your order instructions .

You can E-mail those requests direct us on   , call in at the premises  968 Heaslip Road Mac Donald Park (South Australia) or pic up the phone for a chat .  0882848033 . Walter or Damien will be more than happy , to help you put together a tailor made order for you .