Harley Fixed reservoir 362 - Twin (1 Pair)

Product Description

RG362 Rear Fully Adjustable Shocks with Reservoir- Twin

  • YSS Australia RG362 are recommended as an improvement for all enthusiasts that are looking for a Modern look.
  • The special design RG362-Series Twin Shock Absorbers feature externally adjustable threaded Spring Pre-Load and a piston valve System to give you a progressive, comfortable and smooth ride while remaining very durable.
  • The RG362 also utilises a 12.5mm S45 Shaft.
  • Springs are progressive and come with a lifetime warranty. Standard color is BLACK .
  • Y.S.S RG362 shocks are designed and assembled in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • High performance construction; a wet born piston rod and self-adjusting mounts
  • Radial piston; this piston with straight flow and preload through a pre-combustion oil chamber guarantees an optimum response.
  • Radial piston; this piston with straight flow and preload through a pre-combustion oil chamber guarantees an optimum response.
  • 7075 T6 Aircraft Aluminium
  • Anti-Fading Damping System; because of the aluminium piston and the steel tube there is no fading in the damping system when the temperature of the oil increases.
  • Rebound adjuster; 50 clicks
  • Compression adjuster 30 clicks
  • Threaded Spring Preload Adjuster
  • The Hyperpro’s progressive or linear spring on request
  • Maximum compatible; the modular system creates the possibility to replace every part.
  • Features: rebound adjustment / compression / optional length adjustment
  • Anti-Block-System; a separate pressure valve prevents a Hydraulic-lock of the shock

What you receive?

  • Two RG362 Rear Fully Adjustable Shocks with Reservoir (1 pair) to suit your model bike.
  • The length height of the shocks is the same as oem specifications.
  • If you would like any alternate size please purchase the item and leave the correct size in the 'remarks section' eg. Lowered 25mm or 1”
  • You also have a choice of chrome or other color springs at $50 extra .

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Installation Instructions

Ride Height Adjuster (Shock Length Adjuster)

Length adjustment is a feature we offer on all 362 series shocks. It allows you to extend the shock from a standard length up to 10mm. It also allows you to fit clevis mounts if needed.
If that feature is for you, just add a “Ride Height Adjuster“ in the checkout section to your order (+$100)

Bearing Mounts vs Rubber Mounts

362 Shocks are equipped with rubber attachments to fit to your motorcycle. However, you may choose in the checkout section to upgrade to the self-aligning, more durable and smoother bearing upgrade version.
To upgrade select “bearing mounts” in the cart when checking out (+$100).