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YSS Australia World Class Bike Suspension from World Class Shock Manufacturer

At the beginning  W. Preisig from YSS Australia  was the driving part of YSS Thailand  to develop the new generation of gas shocks for the global market. A partnership that opened many global doors for the Thai company.

 YSS Australia has been developing racing suspension in Australia since 1989,  a wealth of accumulated experience. In 2006 we  revealed the new 362 modular shock concept..This design has become so popular, that a few Asian companies since have "adopted" the 362 shocks, but so far ,all in a cost saving much lesser version.The original 362 series shock absorbers are made to order in Adelaide (Australia ). Making sure they consist of a 36 mm bore and a hardened 12.5 mm high tensile chromed shaft for durability and smooth performance.  

YSS Shocks won several  Championships,. Actually Walter ,the designer of the shocks, won multiple Australian Champion ships himself with his own product.So design, testing and winning comes first hand , therfore minimising developing time considerable .

YSS-Suspension  is now working on a range of improved suspension products for the world market. With constant testing happening in Australia, German TÜV and Japanese Standard Norm, YSS 362 SHOCKS  is the name to remember when you are looking for quality  suspension at a affordable price .Because you are dealing direct with the manufacturer, the costs compared with the same quality products like Wilbers,Ohlins , Nitron etc , are considerable lower due to minimal over heads.Means customers getting a taylormade local product at afair price, saving on costly commissions.

YSS Australia are also working close together with Europes Leader in Spring design and Suspension manufacturing. HYPERPRO Suspension from Holland not only fabricates top end racing suspension , they also produce the worlds biggest range of steerig damper kits.

Quick Summary of YSS-Suspension Products

  • We are not only professional in producing shocks, we also prove constantly that our racing shocks are performing with top achievements worldwide.YSS-SHOCKS is the best choice for racing champions.YSS Australia  has a product range to please any customer, ranging from the high end market to the middle market.
  • Our top line high-low speed   HYPERPRO   shock absorbers are the highest quality shocks for customers who need fully adjustable suspension with Hi-Low speed compression and rebound adjusters for racing. These are available in the Fixed Reservor Series and also in the Hose and Reservoir Series.
  • Z 362 series , the best value in adjustable gas shocks,designed by Walter Preisig
  • Hydraulic Shock Technology with OEM Look are available as RD 222
  • We also have accessories for front forks such as PD Fork Valves ;when you need to improve your front fork performance together with HYPERPRO  progressive fork springs
  • Buy once , buy quality !
  • 362 series , best value for your money. You only pay for the performance and not the name.