Restorations, Servicing, Tuning, Lowering or Rising shocks and forks  +custom builds. Servicing Wilbers , Hyperpro  and YSS Suspension

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Standard ServicesTypePrice AUD$
Re-Valving Forksper Pair300.00
Re-Valving Rear ShockMono250.00
Fork Servicing per pairUpside Down200.00
Fork Servicing per pairConventional140.00
Re-Chromingper Leg175.00
Fork Leg Replacementeach from250.00
Hydro Blastingper Hour100.00
Prices RRP in $AUD subject to change without notice incl. GST

Adelaide Wet Blasting For Surface Finishes Out Of This World

We Clean Motorcycle, Car & Boat Rebuild Components - Rebuild As New!

Wet Blasting Cabinet  For Adelaide Wet Metal Blasting CALL (08) 8284 8033

Adelaide Wet Metal Blasting, also known as Adelaide Hydro Blasting, is one of the fastest, most versatile, efficient and economical metal cleaning & surface finishing processes.

The process uses a solution of media, water and compressed air to develop a scrubbing action on the work-piece surface being processed. The scrubbing action prevents impregnation of the contaminants and media into the work surface, leaving a brilliant, clean surface.

Wet Blasting Motor Housing

Blast processing can be mild to aggressive, sateen to matte finish, and everything in between.

Simultaneous removal of oil, grease, burnt-on carbon, paint, scale, soil and surface contaminants is possible without the need to pre-clean.

Adelaide Water Metal Blasting totally eliminates dust without 'dry' air. There is no component erosion or impregnation, and threads, bearing areas and other critical measurements are maintained.

A wide range of finishes can be achieved with a variety of media types, i.e. glassbead, aluminumoxide, plastic, sodium bi-carbonate, crushed glass, garnet and organics.

brilliant surface finish is left on alloys without the need to de-grease prior to cleaning.

If you are rebuilding motorcycles, or any rebuilds for that matter, it is without question neccessary to have pristine clean component surface finishes for optimum assembly and final performance.

You want your rebuilt motorcycles or applications and their components to be looking and running like they are brand new without compromise.

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